Gardening is All About Love

Gardening is all about love, love of nature, love of the land, the plants, the harvest, the flowers ... one can go on and on. In my case gardening is all about my love for my wife, Brenda, the expert. A few years ago I was slaving away on our garden because my lovely wife had agreed to put it on the local master gardeners gardening tour. Our neighborhood is great for walking and I got many comments about my feverish efforts by passersby. One asked if I was retired. My answer was no. Another commented that I must really love gardening. My answer was, "No, I hate gardening, it is my wife I love." Slowly, over those months of effort, I did learn to love gardening or to be truthful I am in the process of learning to love gardening. This photo is of a statue in our rose garden which I like to call out love garden.